OFS Overhead Filter Press

Product Details

OFS offers two different types of overhead beam machines adapted to the application. With the overhead filter press type OH the filter plate package is pressed together by a push to close cylinder. The closing forces are absorbed by the beam at the top and the tie rods at the bottom. An alternative construction is the overhead filter press type OZ4. The plate pack of this type is held together by tension cylinders arranged at the outer corners of the frame. The closing forces of this design are absorbed by four tie rods. Due to their special design OFS overhead filter presses type OZ 4 are particularly suitable for large machine volumes. Through the constructive force separation of the plate weight from the closing mechanism, enormous filter plate sizes, package lengths and process pressures can be realised.

Optional accessories:

  • Automatic filter plate transport
  • Automatic Filter cloth cleaning device
  • Drip trays
  • Cake discharge systems
  • Corrosion protection of wetted parts
  • Splash guards